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Birlik TarımABOUT US

Our company, which is one of the leading companies of Turkish Agriculture and Forage sector, was founded in 1994 in Ankara with wholly domestic capital. The company has started its activities by establishing Turkey’s 2nd largest mill based in Ankara and started to make production for the domestic market and export to Far East particularly. In the following years, in order to offer the dutiable and duty-free stock areas in Bandirma, Derince, Tekirdag, Mersin, Adana and Izmir regions to the benefit of its customers; it has started to import agricultural products through its domestic and international representatives, and thus have paved the way for supplying products to its customers in every period of the year.

Our company, which is among the leading suppliers of Turkey in the Food and Forage Industrial sector, supports the national economy and continuously broadens its areas of activity through utilizing its domestic and imported resources at the maximum level.

Birlik Agriculture trades various grain products and by-products: wheat for flour, wheat for forage, corn, soybean, wheat bran, rice bran, sugar beet pulp, corn gluten, DDGS, corn germ, sunflower meal and oily meal, rapeseed and rapeseed meal, flaxseed, etc. The company has started trading with Russia and Ukraine, and broadened its area of export and import to Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary and other European countries.